JR Aquascapes – Ecosystem
& bespoke ponds in Leicester

Designing, creating and maintaining ponds in the Midlands for over 15 years.

Ecosystem Ponds

Our ecosystem ponds are perfect for creating a naturally balanced pond, providing a perfect habitat for fish and wildlife. The correct formula of plants, fish and pebbles creates a very low maintenance pond compared to conventional pond filtration set up. 

As opposed to normal pond installation, our ecosystem pond is a non-uniform bespoke beautiful pond for you to enjoy for a lifetime.  No unsightly liner or in pond pipework and removing the need for a pond cover net or heron deterrents as the fish have a safe sanctuary within the pond. 

Wildlife and fish can thrive alongside each other and the moving water creates a fascinating aquascape ever-changing with the season’s.

Bespoke Ponds

At JR Aquascapes we are able to offer a bespoke pond or water feature that will fit to your needs and garden space. 

These can utilise all building methods, from the smallest still water wildlife pond to a swim pond.  We inspire design and create the perfect pond for you and your garden.

But why choose a bespoke pond over a pre-made one? The answer lies in the level of customisation and personalisation. With a bespoke pond, you have complete control over the design, size, shape, and even the materials used. This means that your pond will be a true reflection of your style and taste, making it a one-of-a-kind feature in your outdoor space

Why clients choose us for their ponds

Not just an average pond
design & build company: Providing stunning ponds in Leicester

We offer design and building of bespoke and ecosystem ponds, creating water features and the ongoing maintenance of any pond.

Check out our Facebook to see some of our beautiful ponds in Leicester we’ve done for past clients. 


All our work follows the current best practices for pond design.


We have a customer reputation we are proud of!


We offer expert advice and guidance from start to finish.

100% confidence

Fully insured with public liability.

We know have a professionally built pond, with hardly any maintenance requirements and the knowledge of James being only a phone call away to answer any questions/give advice and to check-up on us from time to time!
Alan Derbie
James has a wealth of knowledge, is patient, thoughtful and diligent. His most recent visit to us was in January 2021, it was very cold & snowy. This didn't deter him! He transferred our fish into a temporary pond, found the problem, repaired it & then carefully put our fish back.
Woodhouse Eaves
James completely renovated and extended a wildlife pond for me at our property in Loughborough about 5 years ago. James is an expert in his chosen profession and did a great job for me. I have recommended him to others who have also been delighted.
David Simpson
James has now been looking after my cascade and ponds for more than 5 years and I have no complaints whatsoever. He is very knowledgeable , efficient, reliable and trustworthy and when I did have a problem James was able to come to my aid within 48 hours.
Victoria Orson-Wright